another bad thing

The sculpture at the bus station has been vandalised. According to someone who saw it, a group of about 7 or 8 drunk young men were mucking about on friday night and managed to push it so hard that the ties underneath it broke. It smashed on the ground and the neck and legs are too damaged to be able to repair in situ.

I’m going to try and repair it and maybe exhibit it somewhere else, but the bus station is where it was built for. If you have any pictures please please get in touch. I’d really love to have a record of how people responded to the work.

4 thoughts on “another bad thing

  1. Esther, you have a lot to answer for. A Facebook friend took a photo of herself next to your statue at the bus stop and posted it on FB. We got talking about it. Now we’re engaged and getting married soon. You’re responsible!

  2. Its a pity I’m not going to be seeing this art piece anymore! But thank God I took a picture with it which I will keep forever.
    Like Jon said, don’t be discouraged, people like us will always appreciate these works.

  3. It was always going to be a challenging environment to have this sculpture in the bus station. However it made me smile each morning and evening as I passed through the station. I am sure this was the same for the many thousands of people in Walthamstow and visitors that come to the area. Don’t be perturbed by the odd idiot and your art really did make a difference – thank you.

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