Storming the Town Hall

Well, not quite storming. Three of the sculptures will be on display in the foyer of Waltham Forest Town Hall from Wednesday 9th September for about a month, along with the Waiting story and some of the wonderful poetry from The Mill.

After that they’re all going to good homes. One is off to an allotment, Betty is going back to The Mill, one is going back to a sheltered housing reception area, one is going to live in the model’s garden and one has already been taken by the Street17 people who are going to do something creative with it. What a journey it’s been!


The Final Show

The sculptures are going to be displayed at The Mill, 7 – 11 Coppermill Lane, E17 7HA, from the 12th September – 6 October. All of them that is except for the man in the tube train, who had been thrown away without my knowledge. It will be great to see them all together, and local poets have been writing on the theme of ‘waiting’ so those will be on display too.

Waiting poster02 A5

The end of the Art Trail

The sculptures at The Mall and at The Firs waiting room are coming down over the next two days. The Mill, Mitre Studios and The Pumphouse Museum are all graciously continuing to host a figure for a while. So if you didn’t have the chance to see them during the Art Trail it’s not all over yet!

I’m going to mend the piece that was at the bus station, with the intention of exhibiting all six in the same space soon. I’ll update this site when I have more details of this. In the meantime, thanks for all your support and enthusiasm for the Waiting project. It’s been a wonderful experience for me.

another bad thing

The sculpture at the bus station has been vandalised. According to someone who saw it, a group of about 7 or 8 drunk young men were mucking about on friday night and managed to push it so hard that the ties underneath it broke. It smashed on the ground and the neck and legs are too damaged to be able to repair in situ.

I’m going to try and repair it and maybe exhibit it somewhere else, but the bus station is where it was built for. If you have any pictures please please get in touch. I’d really love to have a record of how people responded to the work.

They’re up!

After a flurry of activity, five of the sculptures are in situ now. The last one, outside Mitre Studios should be finished by Saturday for the start of the Art Trail. I’d like to thank all the people at the venues who have been so helpful and enthusiastic during the installations, and Duncan Cohen who was the best assistant I could have wished for.

here are some images:

I’m trying to work out how people can upload images in their feedback… If anyone knows how to do that in wordpress please let me know!